Sunday, March 1, 2009

ya gets what ya pay for

After the hot hot hot temps of the last few days we have had a change........cold front came through and the temps have dropped down from the 90's to the 70's much more pleasant. I packed up this morning (Sunday March 1) and drove over (only about 45 miles) to the Bensen Palm Village where I will be for the month. This is a beautiful park. The landscaping is amazing, the number of birds and variety of species is great and the amenities are good as well. Free WiFi free long distance calling within North America, free use of bikes and kayaks, free tours of surrounding area.......well not really free the cost here is $495 plus electric for the month....... still not bad...........but it is hard to get a reservation as they are always booked up. I got lucky to get in. Lots of canadians (about 40% ) and I have counted 9 other titaniums. I have been having a problem with my microwave (doesn't work) so will call the dealership tomorrow to see what they can do for me. The drugs must be working as my Shingles are starting to clear up, however, they are still very uncomfortable. Lots of places to explore here, we are across from a state park for hiking and birding (the park is part of the world birding headquarters.) and this park provides free passes for us. Well have to get to a grocery store as I am running out of provisions. check out my pictures of the park I will take better ones later.

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