Thursday, March 19, 2009


Got up Wednesday morning and the weather was great so decided to head out to south Padre Island (along with thousands of college kids for what they call Texas week) Had a great time .........sat on the beach in the morning then off exploring by driving north on the island to the end of the road where you can drive on the beach.......great place for a 4 wheeler. We stopped into Dirty Als for schrimp which was great. ......then back on the much more crowded beach before doing one more stop into the stores and for me to see all the kids prancing on the street in their bathing suits trying to impress the opposite sex...........hey I'm not dead ......nice to look. Pics of the day are in the photo gallery at
Back to Mission with a couple more shopping stops and finally to Dairy Queen for a treat and guess what along with our treats we got 4 bingo cards and as we ate they called numbers for Bingo. (we didn't win) Haven't seen that before.
Today as we ate breakfast in the RV planning to head into the state park to bird watch there came a knock on the door. It was guest services saying they had a no-show for the owners tour and could be go..........well as this is a highly sought after tour we said great be there in 5 minutes.......hurried to get dressed and joined the group. The owner of the park and everything around it takes 8 people out for a tour in an ATV and was it great. What an interesting fellow.....learned all about him his company and what the plans are for the thousands of acres that he owns. Again pics in the photo album. The rest of this day was spent lounging by the pool, napping and we are now figuring out what to do for this evenings entertainment.

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  1. Love the pictures. We both wish we were there. The weather is sunny here but a little colder now. I miss Sue. Please send her home so we can go out for coffee again. LOL