Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another windy hot day

The wind blows and blows and doesn't seem to stop here at all. It is however welcomed on these days when the temp is up in the mid to high 80's. I washed the truck again and went for my morning walk. Last night I went in to the movies and saw "Watchmen" wasn't really impressed with the movie however. Today I went to a big Flea Market which is put on by Winter Texans saw lots of things but only ended up buying...........ShamWow.........yes didn't have a shami to dry the truck when I washed it so figured I'd get some ShamWow's. $10 for 4 large ShamWow's and one smaller one for the kitchen. I passed another flea market that looked much larger (acres and acres) but I was shopped out (ya don't have the stamina of sue in that regard). The medication I got for the Shingles seem to be working as my rash is just about completely gone and the burning pain in the shoulder and back are just annoying at this point. I think I will be able to get into the swimming pool this coming week. I have avoided that because of the Shingles (even though I am told they aren't contagious). I continue to be amazed at the amount of border patrol activity around here. Every day and night the border patrol vehicles are parked behind the park and occasionally it is obvious they are in a chase situation........lights flashing, helicopters overhead etc. I personally however, have not seen any illegals but then again I probably wouldn't be able to spot them. Except for the Winter Texans most of the locals seem to be Hispanic. Don't forget to check out my Pics. at
Time for an afternoon nap..... :-)

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  1. Hey stranger Happy belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a good one and stay away from the border!
    Love ya:)