Wednesday, March 11, 2009

decisions decisions

After my morning walk i had to decide what should I do go for a walk in the state park and bird watch....... visit friends I've met here..... go have a game of pool at one of the games areas or maybe lie by the pool........... hummmm decisions decisions. I decided to clean the RV instead at least at first so swept, dusted and cleaned windows that worked up a sweat soooooo made the decision on what to do next to the pool where I spent the afternoon jumping from the pool to hot tub back to pool then lounge around and read then back into the least until it was time to go for the free margaritas well not really free you donate a couple of bucks then get all the free margaritas you want........... good deal. After that as it was getting cooler in the evening I gathered up all my dirty laundry and headed out to do a few loads.......where I met some more people and had a good time visiting while the clothes went through. Another day in paradise this retirement gig isn't bad at all...........especially when I read that the temp. back home went from 10 above to minus 10 during the day. Still some winter to go .............I'll wait
I have posted some more pictures of birds I took yesterday. You can view them at


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