Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sue arrived safe and sound on Friday evening, but she brought cool and rainy weather with her. In the 2 months I have been down here we had maybe one day of slight drizzle (heh they are in a drought down here) and the temps have been consistantly in the 70's and 80' 50's and rain. While it is good they have rain finally it could have waited till next week or even last week.......oh well it is forcast to improve and get back into the 80's on Monday. I met sue at the airport at around 4pm and because it located just across the street from a mall guess where we went first........ then off for supper and as I had been called earlier in the day by UPS that a package was in for me and they couldn't deliever it I could pick it up at their depot after 7pm so off we went to get the package and waited and waited.....finally after 8pm I gave up and will try again Tuesday. (we are off on a trip to Mexico on Monday) Yesterday was spent at the outlet mall and Sue is happy she got a few things and I even scooped two new pair of New Balance shoes 50% off then another 40% off that so got both pairs for less than what one pair cost at home. Today we are going shopping again (flea markets and malls) then hopefully the weather will be good and Sue will be shopped out. :-)

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  1. Sue shopped out?? Give your head a shake. That will never happen! Besides, I told her she can buy big stuff cuz you can bring it back in the RV. Glad to hear the flights went fine. We are sunny and 10 here today. Feels like summer. LOL Lance is trimming the grape vines. Have a great time in Mexico. I notice you didn't post for 3 days. Were you busy??? ;)