Monday, February 1, 2010

Salt off

It was still a bit cool .... temps in the 50's and a bit of a wind but I just had to get some of that salt and dirt from the trip down off the truck and trailer so got out the hoses yesterday and gave them a quick wash. Have a problem with my mixing valve which means the water coming out of the taps is only luke warm. The water heater is working fine it's just that too much cold water is mixed with the hot when it exits the water heater. I have a call in to the dealer and will probably live with it till I get down into the valley as I have to empty the trailer's basement to access the water heater.
I enjoyed a free concert last night in the parks hall by Sarah Getto. She is a 25 year old singer (sounds just like Karen Carpenter) who has been blind since birth. Good concert and met alot of the the residents that I knew from staying here last year. The WiFi is much better here this year. I finished my first book of the trip last night "The fifth horsemen" by James Patterson and have started another.
Lots of activities here today I have a choice of Pilates, Walk Aerobics, Blood Pressure check, Line Dancing, Wood Bark Carving, Bridge, Poker, Games, and Movie Night.
It is still on the cool side here today (highs only in the high 50's) and it is overcast. but the temps are rising. I have decided to stay here only 1 week then head on down to the valley on Friday.

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