Thursday, February 12, 2009

problems problems problems

Well the internet connection problems continue in the park I am in. The "techies" have been working but from what I understand the system needs to be replaced, anyway I can occasionally get on to check e-mail but the system is too slow most of the time to update the Blog. The internet connection at the next place I am at is apparently much better, but I won't be there till March 1 Keep checking back.
I have been getting into a routine walking, socializing, reading (have read 4 novels so far) and generally puttering around exploring the area. Speaking of the area ....... this area of Texas is apparently one of the poorer areas not a lot around here and a lot of people who live in trailers. In the past most people going to the Rio Grande Valley just passed through without stopping...........this is changing now that the local county built this RV park. Business has been so good that the extra revenue has been helpful and the local police dept. has been able to hire more officers and don't have to expend alot of resources on our little community (law abiding old folks) Sooooo last Saturday they held an appreciation dinner for all the people in the park, providing us with a free mexican food meal. Tomorrow the park manager is haveing an appreciation reception for us as well. I have met a lot of fellow Canucks and there are quite a few in the park. A couple just arrived here from Ottawa and we compared the border crossing at Detroit. They had a few of the same difficulties I had. They also had a further glitch as the wife kept her own last name and because they had different last names they were asked for a copy of their marriage certificate to prove they were married........ not sure what that was all about I didn't know you had to be married to cross the border anyway they obviously relented and let them into the states.
The weather has been quite pleasant with highs up to the 80's and lows in the high 50's nice for sleeping. I am planning a few side trips to see a few of the local sites one of them is the King Ranch...... which has 825,000 acres in an area known as the Wild Horse Desert. It is a working ranch with over 60,000 head of cattle as well as a museum, and wildlife refuge and hunting area (I know bit of a conflict, but they love their guns and hunting and fishing down here).

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