Monday, February 9, 2009

lost in cyberspace

well the internet wifi connection went down last thursday night and it still hasn't been fixed. I am accessing this from Kingsville Texas on the campus of Texas A&M or rather near it..........hooking into someone elses wifi. The public library which I would have used is closed on Mondays. anyway it has been very windy here for the last few days and cloudy but no rain It is very dry and they haven't had any significant rain here since last Oct. well I have to go as I am getting some stares from students walking by as I write this in my truck.... I guess I will have to go to a restaurant for supper now that I am in here ....... :-) oh well hope they get the internet fixed soon.

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  1. bingo?, no internet? where the heck are your golf clubs! Just finished cooking your lovely wife her birthday supper. She dined on steak, roasted mini potatoes, asparagus spears and red wine. First bbq of 2009, oh i had to feed Scott also since he is DD for the night. Put the snowmobiles away in the trailer today, above zero temps took all the snow away, had fun while it lasted 750 miles logged in on local trails. Was looking forward to a trip up to North Bay, but they are expecting above 10 deg C this week also. Well might as well get my clubs shined, Lynda is thinking of joining a womans golf league,look out! now I know what to get her for her birthday. "private lessons" kinda like a present for both of us. gotta go for now, Lynda is doing Scotty's books, it's pretty good entertainment. take care