Wednesday, January 28, 2009

finally got warmth

I still am having problems accessing Blogger ...... can get into other sites with the WiFi at parks but not blogger anyway am at the Library in Kingsville Texas. Texas is a big state and after a long drive down from Marshall, Tx I arrived at the SeaWind Rv camp south of Kingsville after dark. At first light got out and about and discovered this is quite a nice park right on the water. I may stay here for a while. The temps here are coolish around the 14 degree C. area much too cold for the locals but heaven to someone from the great white north. The temps today are unusual here and tomorrow it will be back up into the 24 degree range. Looking forward to hiking on the beach and meeting more of the other park residents. Had many firsts for the year yesterday.......first bug on the windshield, first mosquito kill, first blooming daffodil etc. Will spend some time today or tomorrow washing off the salt from the journey down then time to get some rays on the beach. (gotta watch out for sunburn). will try to post some pics. if and when I can access again. Don't work too hard back home and don't freeze.......I'll be thinking of you.

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