Saturday, March 6, 2010

talented people

Today was the arts and crafts display day. A day for the clubs at the park to show off their wares. There sure are some talented artists of all kinds here at the park. I have posted some pictures of the display day here.
I also visited the Iwo Jima Memorial in Harlingen  Pics in the picture gallery above.


  1. Doug

    Your pictures are so good that I "borrowed" them for my blog - hope you don't mind. I did give you full credit, but no I'm not paying royalties........ LOL

  2. well happy camper it appears things are going good! Missed your birthday sorry about that. Hope it was nice. Beers on me when you return. Haven't seen Sue but chatted a few times. Tis the time of year, RSP, year ends and tax season just about here. Kai doing well, out of touch for the last few days. They have traveled the South Island and are now somewheres in the North. Return date of Mar 28. Can hardly wait! She also is not great at updating her blog! That internet thing is an issue for her too. Well take care see you soon Love Lynda