Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The long long road home

I left Nashville very early this morning after getting a Neighbour (who was also up) to help me back out of my site. A tree, the utilities pole and a parked truck blocked my drive out. Once on the highway all the mud on my tires flew off onto my nice clean trailer augghhhh. I will have to wash the trailer again when I get home. I hadn't planned on driving so far today but once on the road and getting closer to Sue I just kept going. I ended up just north of Findley Ohio.... soooooooo will probably be home tomorrow. The area all the way from Natchez, Mississippi to Findley has been soaked with rain for the last few weeks........creeks and rivers overflowing with ponds of water in the fields. Needless to say the campground I'm in is muddy and of course its colder than I've experienced in quite a while so I have a 50 amp site to run my heaters. I will head north to cross at Sarnia (Detroit has construction and is not "trailer" friendly) then on home. pics here

I have enjoyed my adventure but did miss Sue greatly so will have to think long and hard about what to do next winter. I will go back to the Rio Grande Valley at some time in the future. The people are friendly, there is lots to do and the weather is great.

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