Wednesday, June 22, 2011

House is on the market

Well Sue and I have been very busy lately, Sue with work and both of us with getting the house ready to put on the market ....... yes after 29 years here we are pulling up stakes and moving...... well not sure yet where we are moving but it will be a smaller place (house) with less grass to cut. Sue and I want to travel and not be tied down to a house and all the associated "chores", at least for a year or two.
So.... the for sale sign went up last week and we have already had a few people looking. This Sunday we are having an open house so hopefully we will start getting some offers coming in to consider. If anyone is interested the MLS # is 31090 enter it at
This selling a house thing is a pain however as you never know when someone might want to have a tour soooooo the house has to be kept neat and tidy all the time. I hope it stops raining before Sunday so I can give the grass a good trimming and get the pool cleaned up and looking spiffy. I'll let you know how it goes.

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