Sunday, January 23, 2011

I think I have the Turkey Brain

Well Christmas number two is over.....and another turkey dinner is history. I feel like that guy in the commercial with the Turkey brain from all the left overs. My daughter has winged back to Calgary heavier with presents after a good visit. My father is on the mend, home again and feeling much better. We have had a few minor snow falls all of which only required a shovel but on one of them I hauled out the snow blower as it hadn't been used last year or yet this year. Surprise it started right up and after a short coughing spell starting purring. Boy I am missing not heading down south this year and reading all the blogs of those who have just adds to the funk I am in. Oh well maybe Sue and I can get away for the March break down to Myrtle Beach which is only a day and 1/2 drive south. Won't take the trailer however, I know a friend who has a number of time shares which I might be able to rent. Well off to go out and sit in the hot tub. I can at least have the warm water if not the warm air outside.

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