Wednesday, December 8, 2010

caught in the middle of snow

It's fall in Ontario which means Lake effect yes Buffalo NY south of here got walloped last week with about 100 cm of snow and this week its the Bayfield London Corridor north west of here that got about 100 cm of snow. Here in the middle in St. George we only have a light dusting of the white stuff on the ground. Hardly enough for a good snowball. Oh well I'm sure the snow belt areas are hoping the lakes freeze over soon to help put an end to the constant snow streamers coming off the lakes. I have been trying to catch up on the honey do list and so have been painting for the last few days. I hate painting I'm just too big and clumsy for it and inevitably get paint all over where it's not suppose to be all over. Oh well almost finished that job just some touch ups left to do. Went out to Swiss Chalet last night and ran into a group of friends from my working days. A group of school secretary's were out doing the Christmas special thing. It was nice seeing some of the people who really do run the school. I don't think the secretaries, caretakers and EA's get enough recognition for the work they do I know they don't get the pay they deserve. Well almost ready for Christmas, the tree is up and presents bought. This will be a different Christmas however as our for the first time our daughter will not be home. She is in Calgary and has to work over the holidays but she will be home in January for a belated Christmas and our Son who is presently in Sask. working in the oil fields still isn't sure if he'll be home this year. Oh well got to get the work while you can. Still not sure if I'm heading down south this winter or not. Once Sue decides to retire that question will be a no brainer. Sandy beaches here we come.

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