Sunday, July 11, 2010


Friday was Stampede day and after an eventful trip to the park in a school bus with a driver who didn't know her directions, how heavy her bus was (she went over two bridges she was overweight for) or how tall it was (luckily we didn't hit an overpass) we had a great day at the stampede. Had lunch in the rangeland tent then off to the grandstand for the rodeo then explore the stampede grounds. Sue and I enjoyed the "show" Saturday we visited Heritage Park a restored frontier town site with lots of exhibits to see and try out (steam engine train, paddle wheeler boat, wagons, and old fashioned carnival rides) We even took in a vaudeville show. After we left Heritage park (they had to get it ready for P.M Harper) we met Kathleen at Ikea. Today we went to Drumheler for the Royal Tyrell Museum, where we searched for fossils and toured the grounds. I will upload pics at the following location

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