Tuesday, July 13, 2010

cleaning day

We passed on the trip to Banf and Lake Louise today as we were there 2 years ago and will be going through with Kathleen next week, sooooo a day to do laundry and clean up a bit. Turns out it was the right move as a cold front came down from the north and produced big storms. Hail, high winds and tornado warnings ..........we fortunately escaped the worst and were visiting Kathleen and her boyfriend Matt at there work place for lunch and could watch the storm from inside. Got some grocery shopping done as well then back to the campground. No campfire tonight but the fireplace in the trailer came in handy as the temps got down to 7 degrees last night and today it is going to be rainy and only 13 degrees. Not sure if we can have our potluck tonight or not (hope so). We may go into Cochrane or maybe Airdree today to explore.

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