Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Donating to the cause

Had a good night's sleep last night after donating to the Coushatta first nations via their casino. Oh well still waiting for the big payoff. Because I drove through the night last night to get to Louisiana the front of the Ti had quite a few bugs on it. However, not as many as I could have had, I tried a new wax "ReJex" which made the surface very slippery .......... a lot of the bugs I'm sure just slipped off.........and a few wipes from the wash brush got the others off quite nicely. I left fairly late (for me) about 10am and had a nice leisurely drive to Vidalia, Louisiana on the banks of the Mississippi. The spring blooms are out everywhere and it was quite beautiful. I am in River View Rv park right on the river and just downstream from the bridge I will be going over to get to Natchez, Mississippi and the Natchez Trace. Enjoyed watching the barges going up and down the swollen river. Pics are posted here Http://picasaweb.google.com/collindo99
Not sure if I'll stay here just one night will decide in the morning.

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