Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Falling temps and white stuff

Well another Christmas has come and gone. Had a good time with both Kids home. Santa was good and a great meal at my sisters with the family on Christmas Day.
Unlike last year, this year has been rather mild and snow free here ..... so far. However the temps last night dropped and we now have a thin layer of snow on the ground with more forecast in the not too distant future. We have been lucky so far as north of us in cottage country and south of us in Buffalo they have had heavy snowfalls already.
Need to put preparations for heading south into high gear. I have taken the drop in box liner out of the new truck and have an appointment to get a Line-X spray-in liner tomorrow ..... then next week up to Morry's to get the hitch installed and have the trailer set up to ride level (will probably have to raise the trailer a bit as the new truck is a 4X4 so higher)
I am still hoping to get out of here before the end of Jan. and head due south to warmer temps.
Well off to get my license and health card renewed.

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