Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally starting to clear up.

It seems like I have had this chest thing for ever, but I guess it has been only a couple of weeks. This morning for the first time I didn't wake up coughing and wheezing. I guess the inhalers and antibiotics have finally won. Looking forward to getting dressed and out of the house for the first time in 2 weeks, although the warm temps we had yesterday are gone and it is back to snow and cold. I have been passing the time by reading and have enjoyed following the blogs that are listed on the side panel as well as others. I rarely comment as it always seems anything I'd say has already been said by someone else and they say it so much better. It is nice to dream and look forward to following in others footsteps. (er tire treads). I have learned so much about........well everything......computers, RVing, places to see and things to do. I can't wait for my wife to finally decide to retire and we can start our wanderings throughout North America. (Hopefully before it becomes too expensive)

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